Smart Lighting Control Module ASL100-P640/30

● Model: ASL100-P640/30

● Intelligent lighting control management device

● Power supply for KNX/EIB system

● Input: AC 85~265V; Output: DC30V, 640mA

● Overload protection

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ASL100-P640/30 bus power module (hereinafter referred to as power supply) is a bus power supply based on Acrel-bus intelligent control system. All control modules on the bus are coupled with the power supply by the choker in the power supply.
The bus is connected by the standard EIB wiring terminal and standard KNX bus. After the reset key on the module is pressed, the power supply will be reset for 20s (the bus power supply is disconnected and the auxiliary power supply normally provides the power supply during reset period) and the bus and power supply are disconnected physically. If the power supply needs to be cut off for more than 20s during use, the power line needs to be cut off.
This model of module is also attached with a 30V DC auxiliary output power supply. This auxiliary power supply may power on the external power module, such as IP module and touch screen and so on.



A standard power supply for the KNX/EIB system, coupling bus signals and monitoring overcurrent in KNX/EIB system.

Power supply, input: 85~265AC, output: DC30V, 640mA, overload protection.

Switch driver, 2 circuits control.(Max. current: 16A per circuit)
Switch driver, 4 circuits control.(Max. current: 16A per circuit)
Switch driver, 8 circuits control.(Max. current: 16A per circuit)
Switch driver, 12 circuits control.(Max. current: 16A per circuit)



Installation notes:
This module is applicable to 35mm track installation. You just need to clamp the module into the track. It is ok to connect the power input end with the ordinary mains circuit. The grounding symbol is observed on the wiring terminal. Thus, it is suggested to connect the terminal with PE line.
Ensure to guarantee that the operation, installation, test and maintenance of the module are correct during installation.

Typical Connection

1. Check whether its appearance is damaged before using the module. In case of damage, please ask the retailer to replace it to prevent electric leakage during use and avoid personal injury.
2. Install the module with the power failure. If the module cannot be replaced with the power failure, please ask the professional personnel to conduct the operation according to the situation.
3. Connect the module with the bus before debugging. Check whether its running indicator is normal. Operate the programming button and check whether the programming indicator works normally. If the indicator works abnormally, please contact the relevant staffs. Operate the programming button and observe whether the programming indicator works normally.
4. Confirm whether the bus and computer are connected correctly before downloading the parameter.
5. Select the standard EIB twisted-pair cable as the communication cable and use the standard KNX wiring terminal.

Power input
Input voltage
85~265V AC
Power consumption

Power output
Bus power supply
30V DC
Auxiliary power supply
30V DC
Output current
Bus current+auxiliary current≤640mA

External connection
Use twisted-pair cable conforming to KNX standard
Wiring terminal at load end
Terminating with 0.5nm~0.6nm torque
Operation and display interface
Programming key and relevant indicator
LED indicator is in red when waiting for programming and is in green during and after programming

Temperature range
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Transport temperature
Environment request
Maximum air humidity
Standard 35mm track installation

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